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How do I remove the link to email request for BT devices?


9/10 times when I connect my bluetooth headphones to my phone, I'll get a pop-up notification that's like:

(name of headphones)

(name of headphones) will appear on devices linked with (email address i no longer use)

i Connect

I click back everytime because I don't want them to be linked to that email address, but since there's no option to decline it keeps coming back. This never happened before I updated my phone and I don't know how to make it stop. Any help is appreciated.


  1. Android settings: Open Settings > Connected devices > Bluetooth. Tap the paired device, then "Forget". This removes the connection and email request prompt.
  2. Windows settings: Right-click the Start button, select "Settings" > Bluetooth & devices. Choose the device and click "Remove device". Confirm to remove the connection and email request.
  3. Specific app settings: If you're using a dedicated app to manage Bluetooth, check its settings for options to remove paired devices or unlink email requests.

Once you provide the platform or app details, I can offer specific instructions or alternative solutions for removing the email request link for BT devices.