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Lost access to BTConnect emails via Outlook - I thought these warnings were spam/phishing attempts


Wow. I have been receiving numerous spam and phishing attempts claiming to be from BT about my BTConnect email over the last few months - I have been ignoring them and marking as junk.

Now today I discover that my pop and smtp connections stopped working - a bit of internet research reveals that pop access from Outlook to the BT (office365) Exchange servers has been disabled.... 

Who's idea was it to use "" as the website for this information?

I have simply been ignoring these emails thinking they were phishing attempts.... the actual phishing emails look very very similar. 

Why wasn't a genuine BT domain used!?!

As for removal of pop access - OWA is most certainly not an alternative solution to this issue. I have been using my BTconnect address since at least 2002 (downloading emails and storing them locally)....and now that's been taken away without a sensible replacement being offered.

Absolute shambles.



I am in exactly the same situation. We were one of the early subscribers to btconnect in 2000 with multiple users under the prime account. We too received endless emails purporting to be from BT which were poorly written and several were auto marked as spam / junk. I actually phoned BT and the chap based in India checked our account and confirmed no emails had been sent to us from BT and advised these were all junk and furthermore advised there would be no disruption to our service.  BT should be ashamed of their appalling lack of proper communication. Never again will we use BT for business, home or mobiles once we have cancelled contracts which have been in place for 27 years. We have now gone down the route of own domain name. 


Icing on the cake ?   You can no longer Pay to keep your email address should you leave BT,   Apparently this was only ever for residential not Business and if you like us are stuck with a BTconnect email your business has operated from for almost 20 years, Then you have no way to leave without hurting your Business. 


We also had YEARS worth of documentation stored within our Thunderbird email systems.  All now entirely redundant.   


it's borderline unusable right now with 3 members of staff trying to use the same web interfaced cloud service.

One person removes an email while someone else is viewing it and confusion decends.  


What a mess



Yep had the same no response from Bt to questions if the messages were valid.  Cut off 100's of contact and probably the same number of web lihnks to now redirect.   No help from BT


The unbridled chaos that ensues when a fundamental tool is switched off without a viable alternative being available is mind blowing.

I used to be a BT customer so my btconnect email address (RIP) was probably always on borrowed time. I know BT aren't allowed to bin off non-paying emailers but they sure can make your life impossible. I particularly like the opening advice that lulled is into a false sense of security "Your email security is being improved soon" 😂. Microsoft was also blamed for this but from what I can see Microsoft still support POP3 access with OAUTH2 protocol. It looks like BT weren't able/willing to do likewise.