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Maintaining email address


I have a small number of email addresses and have used these for at least 25 years.


I no longer have a BT business account, though email still works happily  (assume as I have BT retail account though another post here says no)


In any event, been contacted today by TalkTalk, offering a better broadband deal, maintaining landline number .... and key .. when I asked them about ""  email address they said they absolutely will remain valid.


I questioned validity of that statement, and a manager then came online and confirmed that the email address are 'mine'  and I have a right to keep them, and therefore they will continue to work.

As this email is hosted on a BT Business server I asked them do they have an agreement to keep these live ..... they said yes.


Anybody know if this is correct ?





Hi Argonaut


There's no such agreement between us and anyone else to keep BTconnects active - I am not sure why you're being advised this but it's not correct.





As  I mentioned in OP

Talk-Talk advisor was the one who made the comment, I had phonedSales enquiry line to get a quote, and to ask clearly & explicitly if I moved, can I keep @btconnect address  ... and was told YES


I did have doubts, he put me on hold to check with his manager, and confirmed yes .......    don't trust Talk-Talk sales is the answer.


OffCom may force BT to allow email transportability .... much like they forced them to accept non-BT phones and to open up copper to competition.