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Microsoft’s Changes to applications using Basic Authentication


 What’s changed? 


Basic authentication capability has been removed by Microsoft, our email supplier, and many others in the email industry.  


Why are these changes happening? 


Basic Authentication makes it easier for attackers to capture user credentials which can put users at risk. 


It’s an outdated industry standard, and the threats posed by it continue to increase. 


Microsoft’s decision means that customers will likely move from apps that use Basic Authentication to apps that use Modern Authentication to make their accounts more secure. 


What does this mean for me? 


This changes the way you’ll be able to access your emails. If you use a Mail Client like Outlook, Thunderbird or MacMail etc, this means you’ll no longer be able to send or receive emails this way.  


You can still access your emails via a browser on a laptop, Mac or PC or via the Outlook App on tablets and mobiles.


What does browser based access mean ?


Outlook Web Access is a fantastic, easy and agile way to access email. It;

  • Works from any (connected) PC or mobile device anywhere - never be without access to your mailbox again.
  • Contains the most common and up to date mail client features – with the improved security of modern authentication.
  • Looks and feels just like a mail client.
  • Has easy to use junk filtering (block/whitelist senders and domains).
  • Contains customisable themes to suit your style and mood.
  • Even allows you to;
    • create sub folders
    • save contacts
    • add to calendars
    • create and use email signatures
    • setup mail forwarding
    • create user groups
    • activate out of office auto replies


Not to mention signing in is really simple, and many common devices will remember your login details and sign in for you.


You can access your email at or via if you prefer.







Thanks for this I was unaware of the impending doom it will cause.. We have business lite and using 18 of the emails for our theatre, to help me to help the end users, when you say Microsoft App on mobile devices which one, as on the App Store there are a great many.... Microsoft Outlook?   ..... This is just for the receiving and sending of emails. I tried forwarding using the admin console to another email, but alas looks like that option is also deprecated. I don't think that we as a small charity will be able to afford the full fat 365 online thingy. Looks like having to have a browser window open all the time to monitor ones email.

Grand Master

You could move to Gmail.


Hi Vicky,

I too have just been caught out with my BT Business Lite domain emails stopping working with my Outlook 365 (home edition). BT have advised me to use BT email web access as you suggest, but neither the Primary User, or any of the three domain email addresses will open in this way. It just shows a red banner saying I am not logged in. I have been advised by BT this would be sorted, but nothing happens. I would be happy to just use web access moving forward, but I currently have no way to access these emails, which is becoming critical for work. I have looked at my login to view where the emails in Business Lit are setup and it says they are active, so I am certain it is not a subscription issue.  Thank you for any advice.

As a follow on, I now have access on the web app, but linking back into my Outlook as before would be useful. Thank you.