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MyOffice closure


MyOffice is closing at the end of February 2024. This is so we can focus on bringing you secure and more innovative products and technologies. As one of our older platforms, MyOffice can't be optimised or developed to provide the best and most secure services.


If you’re impacted, when you log in to My Account, you’ll automatically be taken to a page where you can migrate your account.


If you use MyOffice to access your btconnect email, you'll now need to go to or to access your emails.


For more help and information about the MyOffice closure, go to our help article Help with the MyOffice closure.



why do BT posts oly have thumbs up and not the thumbs down . Do they think they are perfect?

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It’s essential to stay informed about these changes. If you’re impacted, follow the instructions to migrate your account. For accessing your btconnect email, head to or If you need further assistance, refer to the help article on the MyOffice closure.

Best Regard


I have a email account and my password no longer works via MS 365.

I do recall some BT emails coming through asking me to change my account details.  But, as my BT Business account hasn't been active for over a decade (added to the fact that the email logos and wording looked very amateur/spammy), I did not take them seriously. 

When I did log on to and attempt to migrate my account I needed my account number.  It has taken much effort and time to retrieve that detail after so much time elapsed, however the migration option now appears closed.

I have since spent many happy hours on the phone to India, but I still cannot access my email via MS 365 Sign-in.

This email address has been with me for 20+ years, and is embedded in many practical aspects of my life.  Losing access to it is extremely disruptive.

Can anyone help please ?

Many thanks.



I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with your email account. Here are some steps you can try to regain access:

1. Verify Password
Check Password: Ensure you’re entering the correct password by trying to log in via a web browser at
2. Update Email Settings
Server Settings: Make sure your Outlook settings are correct:
Incoming Server: (POP3 or IMAP)
Outgoing Server:
Encryption: Use SSL for incoming and STARTTLS for outgoing.
3. Password Reset
Reset Password: Go to and use the “I’ve forgotten my password” option.

Hope it work for you.
Best Regards,