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Outlook email migration to POP


Towards the end of 2022, I received an email about my email account (btconnect, using 2 business email addresses on BT Business Email Lite, software is MS Outlook). As the email I received didn't have BT in its address, I deleted it as potential scam.

In December 2022 (and still today), I cannot connect to my email server. As a result, I've had to set up a temporary (possibly permanent) Gmail account, but I am still losing trade due to past customers automatically trying to contact me via my old BT email. I've read that BT email accounts now need to be migrated to Exchange? I already have a MS Office 365 subscription, if that helps.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've tried contacting BT via online chat, to be that there is no record of my account! Help!!



Hi Rich13,


I'm sorry to hear this. 


Microsoft have disabled POP meaning that you'll need to access your emails through webmail rather than a desktop application. 


The team handling migrations can be reached on 0800 085 0251 and will be able to assist you further with this. If you have an existing subscription to Office 365, they should be able to talk you through gaining access as this is being offered as an alternative for customers wishing to continue using Outlook.


Please send me a DM by heading to my profile and hitting "Send a Message" if you require further assistance.








Just to re-iterate, you will be able to still access your emails through webmail (that is logging into Office365 via a web browser).

You will also be able to access them through the Outlook APP that you can instal on your phone.


We have had the same prolem - BT have offered a consultation in the middle of April which is a bit of a joke.


I have exactly the same problem, and working in a design agency I cannot function with the webmail version of outlook as I need to save large files. I have tried the 0800 number above, but it is not recognised - any idea of the correct number?




I have been told today that the earliest someone could help me would be May!!!! I find it hard to believe that a service providing emails for businesses has implemented a change which doesn't integrate with probably the largest email platform used by business! What a joke. As a result I am now moving all of my emails and hosting out of bt



Yup this is crazy. We are looking at moving to Gmail all in for mail & hosting just wondering is anyone has done this recently? or any other alternatives???? Suggestions please.


Number 0800 085 0251 "not recognised". 

Please advise correct number. 


Today, I received the surprising information that the earliest assistance I can receive is in May! It's difficult to fathom that a service specializing in business emails has implemented a change that doesn't integrate seamlessly with arguably the most widely used email platform in the business world. It's quite disappointing and feels like a joke. Consequently, I have made the decision to transfer all of my emails and hosting away from BT. The unique value of this action lies in seeking a more reliable and compatible service provider for my  business needs.