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POP Disabled - But Cannot Upgrade To Office 365




Like others on here, I have found POP access to my hosted-domain emails have suddenly stopped working.


Support have advised me I need to upgrade to an Office 365 account here in order to regain access:!editions


However, clicking on the 'Buy' link repeatedly takes me to a page saying it's down for maintenance!


I've trying chatting to support to try and resolve this - but they have been completely useless. Does anyone else have a link that will help me to resolve this?




Grand Master

It seems to be working now.  Try a different browser, phone or tablet.

Thanks kelper - but still not working here, on three browsers across two different devices...

Thanks - but still the same issue here.


Looking at moving to Google apps instead - I think I'll be able to get this configured more quickly than BT/Microsoft can fix their myriad problems.

Grand Master



You have maybe got to the bottom of this by now but thought i'd pass on what I found out about this same problem.  We have a primary user account which I always log into to do everything, but I could not see this section about the BT Business Apps.  After speaking to BT, they told me the email address that was connected to the marketplace for apps wasn't the primary user address.  It was an email I must have made up years ago but have never used.  I have no idea why the access to the marketplace had to be via this account and not the primary user account, but with a little help from BT I got into that account and can now access and purchase from the marketplace.  I asked if this could be moved to the primary user account for future use and was told no, it can't be changed that is the only account I have that will have access to the marketplace apps.  

Hope that helps if you still need it.