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What to do after POP switch off?


We have and mail@personal_domain since about 2006.

We keep archives of our email traffic in Outlook on the office PC and external device, deleting items from the server after downloading.

Incoming email via POP ceased on 31 Jan 2023. 

BT gave notice in November 2022 without offering intelligible alternate.

Web based mail is not good enough for our purposes.

What is the answer to this? 

Is there an alternate mail handler that we can install on a Windows PC? 



Hi mchuta1,


Thank you for your post and I'm sorry about the disruption the POP changes are causing. 


I've spoken to our IT support team and they advised that BT cannot provide an alternative client to work on the pop3 layer as it is Microsoft who are disabling the protocol (POP3).


If you want to carry on using an email client to receive your emails, you'd need to upgrade the service or potentially go else where (How do I move my mailbox from BT Business to another provider? | BT Business). The only issue with this is that, as this is a roll out by Microsoft, any other Provider using Microsoft may be in the same situation.