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btconnect email access


I joined BT > 20 years ago and was given a email account. We moved house and the broadband speed in the rural area was poor ( 2Mbps down 0.3 Mbps up). BT offered under the USO to assist with the provision of a 4G aerial and moved me to mobile. I now have basic email but was still able (on my old ipad) to access my original btconnect email. I'm trying to setup access to the btconnect account again but it appears that the password is incorrect. How do I reset ? Can I use webmail to access ?



Hi Rolandp


You should be able to use webmail to access any email address, provided the email itself is still active. You can reset your password by using the Forgot My Password link here: Business


Once you reset the password, that should enable you to log into your emails. If that's not working then it will likely be something someone at BT needs to take a closer look at for you. 🙂


Hi DazzaSlayer - thanks for the reply - appreciated - when I try to use the Business link - it accepts my password but then states "

Looks like this is your BT home account. To continue, please login: to your Home Account

but the Home account is not linked to the email !

I have tried to use webmail - however this does not display my mailbox and doesnt appear to receive email and when I send from this account the email states  "sent on behalf of ..."

Not sure if the above makes sense - but I am struggling without access to my  btconnect mailbox



Once I was able to reach the right person - via Warrington, India, Newcastle  - the Issue resolved by BT technician who had the ability to access the BTconnect server.


Hi, are you still in BT? I am worried that my btconnect email will disappear when i leave at the end of the year and so have decided to start now. I need the passwords for the family accounts so i can set up on my new laptop - i dont suppose you would have a name or unit of who helped you?