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@btconnect email address cancelled after upgrade to full fibre halo for business broadband package.


I have had BT Business Broadband and Phone service and an associated email address for well over a decade.  At the end of last year I decided to take advantage of the black friday offer and upgrade this broadband package to the Full Fibre Halo For Business service.  This was installed and activated at the premises in January of this year.  In error, BT continued to bill me for the old BT Infinity for broadband for Business service parallel to the new service.  After many calls to customer service I finally got this sorted and the previous service, include a featureline was cancelled around the middle of this month and I have been told I will be credited for the over-charged amounts. However at the same time my btconnect email address was also deactivated without prior notice.  After multiple further calls to customer services I have been informed there is no way to reactivate this address, when I believe it should have continued as part of the new Halo Broadband service (all of this is under the same BT Business customer account).  I have been told that the issue is now "deadlocked" as there is no solution and my only recourse is to contact "Ombudsman Services".  This seems crazy.  I have lost an important, frequently used BTconnect email account while remaining a BT Business customer and upgrading the service, with no apparently possibility to reactive the email account, transfer it to the new halo broadband for business package or even create a new btconnect email address.  Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone know of an acceptable solution that doesn't involve going to Ombudsman Services?



You are not alone.  I advise everyone to migrate to an email address independent of their ISP.  Gmail and Outlook are obvious ones.  If you search this forum you can find some helpful info.  I believe some btconnect customers were able to keep their address for a small fee when they left BT for another provider, but I think it's too late for you.


Except I have NOT left BT.  Just upgraded my broadband package to Halo fibre to premises within the same BT business customer account.


Hi trevarcher,


I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your btconnect email address.


I'll need to take some of your account information so that I can look into this further. Please head over to my profile and hit "Send a Message" and we can continue our conversation there.