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email box reports nearly full when it is not


hello i need some email help please if anyone has any advice  i have been trying to resolve for weeks and have been through so many BT guides online but the result is the same its constantly reporting the mailbox is nearly full sending daily reminder emails when its not


- have logged in online many times to the online version its empty and outlook also only has a few mb in it





Grand Master

Which app says the mailbox is full?


Hi shaneh1, 


I'm sorry you're having issue with your mailbox. When you sign into your emails online, check your "sent messages" folder. You may find that it is the amount of sent messages in that folder that is causing the issue with your full mailbox error. 

If you can check that and reply back here if you need any more help. 





we are using office 365 with outlook and its the microsoft exchange warning with daily emails 

Your mailbox is almost full.
0.92 GB - 0.95 GB



Did you check the bin - deleted items?  1GB is not much these days, maybe you need to buy more?

i will explore this now this only started happening when we changed our contract with BT  this is our current package


Business Email Lite

10 Business email Lite accounts ( or
POP and web access
500Mb storage per mailbox
50Mb web space
24 hour helpdesk (local rate number - with broadband)


and we use the microsoft exchange 

There is just 1 in the sent box and 1 in the inbox  😞

What about bin and spam?

as you can see only the original email from 7 years ago we just never use it


Any other suggestions please 


kind regards