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btconnect password


I cannot believe that * is a business account yet it is only open Monday to Friday 9-5pm. What world are you living in...

secondly - what a world where you cannot reset or access your admin account for

third - when I did manage to get hold of someone on Friday they incorrectly put me in touch with the residential team and then the other guy dealing with emails duly hung up on me just before the business desk hours closed!

now - I cannot access my email for the whole weekend.

And all because i signed up to BT Sport at 12.30pm on Friday and needed to change my BTID password... which does not sync with any of my other passwords and seems to have logged me out of my email on all devices!!

Between BT and Microsoft I am totally confused which platform to use to sign in... but I know my passwords are correct and yet I still cannot access my outlook on the web to get the btconnect emails.  If I enter the password it says it is 'incorrect'.   

Nor does there seem any obvious way of accessing my emails directly via the web or indeed of changing my password even though I have 2 factor authentication, etc etc.

on one of the messages it seemed to suggest I had locked myself out in an attempt to access the emails.

I have never had such a problem before... nor on any other platform.

any advice on how to reset or at least access emails appreciated.




Further to this... I seem to now get this message... which suggest I have the right password even I think it is not / or is an old password...


Enter password
Your account is temporarily locked to prevent unauthorized use. Try again later, and if you still have trouble, contact your admin.
Of course, with a account you are your own admin and there is no way of contacting the admin as you get this error message:
Company branding image
Get back into your account We're sorry
You can't reset your own password because password reset isn’t properly set up for your organization.

You must contact your administrator to both reset your password and to check your organization’s setup.

Grand Guru

Hi there,


Password resets are done via the BT website


This will automatically update microsoft after a few minutes and you will be able to use your email again.


If this fails to update microsoft and you still cannot access the email then you will need to speak to support on 0800 800 154 and they will raise a fault to get it fixed.




I am struggling with this and really need help... the security question isnt very helpful either.  I have spoken to 154 and they have been unable to do a reset, I am now at a loss


I am also struggling with this. I get the message that my account is locked and i need to contact someone to unlock it. But I am the admin. It's not a password issue, i have been locked out of the account. Please can someone help


Did you ever sort this out? I have the same problem


Hi KathyS,


If you're having issues logging in and you've tried to do a password reset via BT Business Account then the best next steps would be for us at BT to have a look at what's going wrong. I can do this for you if you can privately message me some account details.





Hi Beth,

Firstly, apologies for contacting you directly but am struggling to get access sorted to an existing mail account.

Each time I try to log in it asks for a password - I have tried all the possible ones over the last month or so and amnot getting in. When I try to reset the password it does not respond or stops but mostly just tells me to inform my administrator. As far as we are aware we do not have one!

Each time there is no return mail to anyone on the account.

I had access but in trying to get outlook working have managed to loose that too and now cannot clear my account and am now getting warnings of a full mail box.

I have spoken to Microsoft and we have tried to get the mails sorted out through BTbut have had little success for any of the listed or new mails.

Would you be able to assist - if you need detailsI canassist with them hopefully.


Thanks in advance, Duncan