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email sender shows as AOL(c)


Hi All,

Helping someone who has a BT small business email - its a domain, but controlled by Office365.  Recently when it sends email the email shows as having come from AOL(c)   (its the actual copyright symbol but I can't find in on my keyboard!).


I've looked through the settings on the microsoft account, but its not like any I've come across before - seems locked down by an administrator and the domain is AOL ? - is there a way to change this so that sent emails show the friendly name or email address ?



Hi senioritsupport


This will need to go to our technical team to look into. Can you please send me a private message with some account details? 



As i know start by checking the email settings within the BT small business email account. Ensure that the sender's name and email address are correctly configured. Look for any options related to "Display Name" or "Sender Information." If the email account is controlled by Office 365, you'll need to review the settings within the Office 365 admin portal. Look for settings related to outbound email and sender information. Make sure the correct sender name and email address are set up. Examine the full email headers of the received emails to see if there are any clues about the origin of the issue. Email headers can provide insights into the servers and paths the email has gone through. 

It's worth noting that sometimes, email headers can be misleading due to various factors, including how different email providers handle email routing. Therefore, examining email headers and understanding how they work can provide valuable insights into the issue.

Remember to approach any changes to email settings carefully, as incorrect configurations could potentially disrupt email delivery. If you're uncertain about any changes, seek expert assistance.