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BT Cloud Voice 'Configuration Error'

Hi, All of our office staff are getting intermitant erros when logging into Cloud Voice Desktop app, just says 'Configuration Error'.  If they try again it sometimes logs in, sometimes not.

Any clues as to if this is BT or an issue with us?  Its been working ok for months and all of a sudden this has started and there has been no changes to the router/firewall configs.

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Re: BT Cloud Voice 'Configuration Error'

Hi Mike


Very sorry to hear you are having isuses with this. It is not an error I have come across myslef, some of our members may be better able to assist you with this one. However I would recommend getting in touch with our Cloud Voice experts on 0800 389 0537 - they will be able to go through diagnostics to determine what is causing the issue and to help get a fix implemented Smiley Happy




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