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BT business smart hub 2 with old telephone via digital voice

  • We were moved to BT cloud voice/digital voice
  • We’d like to use an old telephone with the system
  • We have a BT Business Smart Hub at home
  • We bought a BT Digital Voice Adapter
  • We realised this adapter doesn’t work with BUSINESS hubs after some research (doesn’t support DECT?) as it won’t pair
  • The business smart hub has no phone port in the back
  • Was suggested a 3rd party adapter called a CISCO ATA 192 adapter on BT business online chat
  • This adapter is £101 and this is a too expensive solution to be offered by BT when other customers on the home plan are provided with a free solution (free Digital Voice Adapters)


Is there any other way to have this work, when the workaround is so easy for home customers?



Just buy one on Amazon and return it if it doesn't work, or buy a used one at £49.

Here's a cheaper one -

But if it does work, I'm £100 down having to buy 3rd party hardware for a solution to a problem that BT have - when users on home plans get a solution for free? 


BT is legally obliged to offer residential customers an adapter if they need an analog connection for things like health monitors.  As they are not obliged to do this for businesses they charge.