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Have I been mis sold?


Hello. My wife and I ran our media business from home and had a bt business package for phone and email. We're retired now but kept with bt business because our work email address is also our personal email and it seemed too much of a hassle to change. Earlier this year BT Business called me and said they were moving customers onto Internet phones.  I said would it cost me more money and was told no so I agreed to the change. I've now got two cloud phones and my monthly bill has shot up from £57 a month to £137. I'm no longer in business and explained to the saleswoman that my wife and I are state pensioners who use our landline and upstairs extension occasionally and use broadband for domestic email, Internet and TV streaming. I've lodged a complaint but do I have grounds to terminate the contract and get something more suitable to our needs?



My partner retired recently and I have been down this path looking for cost savings. 

There are a number of services that make up the requirement:

- Domain (DNS) I assume you have a domain name to be maintained

- Email service which will use your domain name

- Broadband service

- Phone Service


I moved  email first closing our own email server, and moved to Office/Outlook 365. At that time Microsoft would use Godaddy DNS for a personal email service, and we transferred our Domain/DNS to Godaddy.  So that's an annual fee for DNS and our SSL cert to GoDaddy,  plus the annual Microsoft 365 fee.


When our ADSL and land line contract was up, we moved to BT FFTP and Cloud Voice Express. So that's another two fees.  We gave up all our remaining land lines, which has helped reduce cost -  If you have digital voice and still have land lines - why?


All told this comes to approx £61 per month.


My advice is to list out the services on your account (The price for each service is listed on your BT Order), understand what they are, and ask yourself do you need them and is there a cheaper  alternative.   Then speak to BT.  



Hi Colin,


You can not cancel the contract unilaterally. The complaint you have raised will involve an investigation of the sale to see if you have  received the service you agreed to at the price agreed.

If it is found that this has not happened you will be updated as part of the complaint. I can take over the complaint and investigate this for you if you message me directly.


Thank you