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My line and broadband been ceased and BT still not sorted it


We’ve not had a phone line and broadband for 13 days. Someone moved into our road and got his new address wrong, using our business address. BT informed us and it said ‘if you haven’t requested to leave BT business, ring us and we’ll sort it in two days. Well they didn’t and 9 days after calling them frequently we were cut off. Daily phone calls, working ones as Xmas, we still don’t have any service at all. I’ve spoken to at least 10 people in orders, not one has yet made a difference. One person said ‘there’s a lot of notes here but there aren’t many actions!’ I’ve even escalated my complaint using the online form but no reply. The last person I spoke to, as have two others,  said ‘if you reply to my text I’ll get back to you.’ Well they don’t. So we’re stuck. Any ideas would be gratefully received. And of course happy Christmas!



I can't help but could you use wifi hotspot from your mobile or buy a 4G/5G broadband router - bill BT for it.


Escalate the complaint: If you haven't received a satisfactory response from the regular customer support channels, escalate your complaint to a higher level within BT. Ask to speak with a supervisor or request to be transferred to their complaints department. Explain the situation and express your dissatisfaction with the service.

Document everything: Keep a detailed log of all your communications with BT, including the dates, times, and outcomes of each interaction. This documentation will be helpful if you need to escalate your complaint further or seek assistance from regulatory bodies.

Seek alternative support channels: Consider reaching out to BT through different channels, such as their social media accounts or online forums. Companies often have dedicated teams that monitor and respond to customer complaints on these platforms.

Contact the Ombudsman or regulatory authorities: If you've exhausted all options and haven't received a satisfactory resolution, you may want to consider contacting an independent ombudsman service or regulatory authority related to telecommunications. They can provide guidance and assistance in resolving the issue.