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Issues with Yealink Cloud Phone


Really frustrated as I'm having trouble with the phone BT issued me when I took on the cloud-based service. Customer Service is so frustrating - I cannot call, as the phone is faulty and intermittently turns voices into a muzzy digital mess - barely dechiperable - sometimes completely unintelligible (although sometimes clear as a bell) - so have tried to sort the problem out over 'chat' - hours later, yes, it's working again - but by the next day, it's not (frustrating as it is intermittent. 

I keep trying the resets they suggested - but nothing is permanently fixing it (I shouldn't have to reset the phone two or three times a day!). How can I actually get to someone who can offer me a proper solution? They've told me I have to have their equipment - but as a business, I need a working phone, and no one seems to be willing to provide that - advice please



This sounds like a network loop somewhere.

First point of call is to insta a proper manages switch and a proper firewall.

Your in medical and that router is your biggest liability. The managed switch will do wonders sorting out loops and spanning tree issues. The logs go a long way


Hi SEBA-Admin


Can you please send me a private message so I can take some account details and look into this for you?