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Cloud Voice Express app call history

Power User

Using the app on an Android phone - is there a way to delete the "call history" - or "recents" as they seem to call it?


The list just grows and grows.


I can delete the history on the Yealink handset.


. . .  and it may just be me but the whole Cloud Voice Express thing is not very logical or intuitive - especially the app aspect. . . as an example, it seems I can't use my "contacts" in the diary/calendar app I use to make calls - but  have to create a separate list of contacts in the BT app.



Hi rob-SMR,


The Cloud Voice Express app will store the call history until it reaches its limit, at which point it'll automatically delete your history. No need to manually delete them!





Power User

Ah - so what is the limit number please?   


- and my preference would be for the option to delete the history myself to keep things tidy.

Power User

..  and while I'm here - when I make a call and then end it the number doesn't clear down from the dial pad? - should it?  - i.e. if I go to make another call with the dial pad the last number is still there.


We too would like this feature. Who wants a cluttered up call list.  All it needs is a finger hold that allows a dustbin to discard rubbish calls.  

Perhaps someone might just read this . . . it can't be difficult to implement in the CVE app - every email app I've seen can do it.


Nobody has answered with the limit number . . . .


My phone is geting heavier with all the unwanted rubbish 😀😀

Hi both 


I will take this feedback and pass it to the app development team.


Just to add - if you delete the app and reinstall the history is still there.