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Miss sold business contract


To say to say I am disappointed in BT's behavior is an understatement. We were contacted by your sales team to upgrade our package and we were told that if we did not upgrade our package we would no longer have a phone line because you were turning all lines to digital. We told them time and time again we didn't want the phone package. All we needed was a phone line and a broadband and we were told that if we signed the agreement the prices will not go up and it will be the same price as we were paying currently. The price is suddenly went up £100 a month. We  we have requested the phone conversations where we agreed to the contract as we stated we didn't want these extra packages put on the contract and were told they would be taken off

 Even the contract has the wrong business name on.   We are spoken with so many customer service team members who said they will get this sorted and get back to us and nobody ever does is now been going over 18 months.   This seems to be a common theme with the BT selling team.  I am now going to have take legal advice as this starting to affect my mental health with all the stress.



Hi Andrew80,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience.


Please can you send me a private message by heading to my profile and hitting "Send a Message"? I'll need to take some of your account information to look into this further.