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Hosted Voice and Broadband Voice migration

Hi All,   If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions relating to your Broadband Voice or Hosted Voice Product or your move to another BT service as a result of the closure of these products, please contact the following  numbers where...

markp by Grand Guru
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BT Cloud Voice and Home Working

We have T46G ip handsets and one of the employees took it home to set-up there. However, the phone just shows invalid account message and would not connect. He is using BT Home Hub 5 and we were told by not very helpful support that because of this r...

Adding a new device

As a result of the sudden switch to WFH, I urgently need to add a new conference phone to our BT Cloud Phone system.  We purchased the device (a Konftel 300w) independently of BT assuming we would be able to get the SIP details to set it up. On furth...

Fionap by Member
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Router Configuration

Hi We had BT Cloud Voice installed a few years ago now and it's currently sitting on a home broadband router, which has supprisingly served us quite well. However, being the cautious type, I wanted to get a business router set up and ready for the im...

Avaya IP 500 with no records & no help - that we cant redirect!

We have an Avaya Voip (IP 500) system on a SIP trunk/leased circuit with 10 DDIs - set up by my ex business partner. I have no idea how to see what the programming is or how to change it as its currently set up to route all calls on our main number t...

TJM by Member
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Changing On Hold and Night Messages

We use Quantum System (Mitel 8568 telephnones) Our On hold and Night messages need t be updated - in the past we always did this ourselves. Havent done it for a few years(!) and now the person he knew how to has moved on and didnt leave instructions....

BT Cloud Voice Hunt Groups/Ring Tones

Hello all. I'm trying to set up our BT Cloud Voice Hununt Groups but it's not being as straightforward as i expect. I have 3 hunt groups.I have set the common ring tone on the handsets and this worked originally whenever a call cam in from an outside...

BT Cloud Voice T46G phone Login details

Hi, Does anyone know the new login details for the T46G phones? After the latest firmware update default admin password no longer works so we are all locked out of phone's web admin site so we can't make changes to our address books, load new rington...

BT One Phone

I was recently contacted by BT to tell me that the BT Cloud Phone system my business uses was going to be closed, and that we needed to switch to BT One Phone. We are part way through to the switch, but having looked over BT One Phone further it is n...

Moving phone number to new location

Hello,  My company has two premises and I want to move the phone number from one premises (place 1) to the other (place 2). Our phone line at place 1 is with Virgin Media; we no longer need a line there but we want to keep the number and transfer it ...

VOX by Member
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