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Community rules


Our terms and conditions help us to make sure that all members feel welcome, safe and engaged. If you choose to ignore them, we’ll give you a warning, remove your posts and we may also ban you from the forum.


  1. Discuss. Don’t argue.

We want the discussions on the forum to be useful to you, us and everyone else involved. Communicate with courtesy and respect. That means no swearing, no dodgy content and absolutely no abuse.


  1. No advertising.

We may sometimes allow links to other sites but we’ll decide that case by case. As a rule though, please don’t advertise.


  1. No trolling.

We take trolling seriously and we'll remove anyone who takes part in it.


  1. Keep it on topic and relevant.

Join in the conversation but stick to the subject at hand.


  1. You only need to make your point once.

Please don’t post the same thing on different threads, even if you’re making a great point.


  1. Search before you ask.

Someone else may have already asked a similar question. Search first before creating a new topic.


  1. If you need help, just ask.

That's what we moderators are here for.


  1. If you've got an issue, don't just rant. Provide us with more information.

It’s no good just shouting about how angry you are. Share the full details of your issue with us and we'll look into it. If you’re still not happy, you can send in a complaint.


  1. BT employees or agents

This site is primarily intended for the use of BT Business customers. The terms and conditions of use also apply to BT employees who have permission to use this forum.


If you don't yet have a profile on our forum, please send us a private message, tell us who you are and we'll create one for you.


As a BT employee, you acknowledge that any post or content you provide is your opinion only and will not be representative of BT unless agreed upon with written consent.