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Additional IP addresses cost


I'm just about to order BT FTTP but I need more than one Public address, do anyone know the cost of additional IP addresses 



"If you need static IP addresses for your business, you can order 1 or 5 IP addresses. 1 IP address costs £5.50/month, and 5 IP addresses cost £11.00/month."

Member old is that link? BT Infinity with a maximum of 22MB? 🤣


According to Google it was first indexed 6 years ago but no telling how long it has been up as it isn't dated.


I was thinking that any information contained in that article couldn't still be current so I searched for more up-to-date info but drew a blank leaving me no alternative but to ring BT Business.


This was almost futility in itself but I managed to extract the following info that does not differ too much from the article you linked to;


Halo comes with one free static IP address (although I don't see it mentioned anywhere in the emails/documentation I received nor in my account details online)


Extra static IP address in addition to the above are charged as follows;


£5.80  per month for 1

£11.50 per month for 5


I am assuming prices quoted to me over the phone are plus VAT as this is a business facility after all.


Hope that helps!


Kind regards,



Even so, the extra addresses will still cost him about £6. 


The OP was asking about static IP Addresses in regard to FTTP not FTTC which you seem to be referring to with your reference of a 22MB/3MB service.


When I originally signed up for FTTC it was called Infinity but AFAIK that name was dropped in 2018 and it was rebranded as Superfast.



FTTP or Ultrafast as it is now known offers three options100/500/900MB and I’ve been waiting patiently for BT to install my 900MB service which will cost less than my 80MB/20MB service!




I'm also very interested in learning more about this.


There are still some ISPs providing IPv4s as standard and at no extra cost. Could be an option? But you'll lose the BT service