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BT Business Smart Hub 3 - errors missing functionality and firmware not updating


Hi I've got a new Smart Hub 3 on a FTTC line. Whilst I've been able to be complete a very basic setup so that I can get online. The hub sometimes stops responding or dsiplays errors.

One of the errors is:

"Something went wrong...

GetParameterGroup: Get group callback failed for param Device.WiFi.Radio.1.AutoChannelEnable"


Also some basic functionality is not available such as backing up or restoring configs.

I'm guessing its because its an old firmware version, it's apparently r0.30.2-R-337643-PROD-80003

Is there anyway to push a firmware update to it, I cannot do it manually as its a home broadband line so no app available.

Or do you have any other suggestions? I have already perfomed an additional factory reset as suggested elsewhere.






Are you a residential or business customer?


Avoid BT Business Smart Hub 3 - Since initial installation version - 5 subsequent firmware updates in 5 weeks clearly shows there are significant issues with the hub 3. 

The initial firmware displayed a greyed out backup settings option - the 5 subsequent firmware updates have no backup settings option. Firmware updates cause some user changeable settings to revert to default settings. There seems little point in allowing users to change settings then without notice they are undone by firmware updates.

The hub has to be powered off then on every few days to resolve network connectivity problems with wired attached computers.

Many features of BT Business Smart Hub 2 and previous models are not available in BT Business Smart Hub 3. ie BT Business Smart Hub 2 has backup settings option, default 'always use this IP address', bridge mode etc. 

Another update 9 Feb 2024 to r1.29.0-R-950306-PROD-83002 still has problems. 

BT Business Smart Hub 3 was installed with 0.57 firmware (BT confirmed anything prior to 0.74 is trial) although now BT will argue no longer have a trial version.

Hi sorry for delay, I'm a residential customer.

You must be a BT Business customer to use the BT Business Smart Hub.  Did you acquire this from somebody else?

I bought it online. Got tired of waiting or BT to release a WiFi6 hub and don't want to move to EE


Use your old hub in bridge mode and buy a new router.  Try and sell your BTB Smart hub.  Mine is a BTB Smart Hub 1.  

Or upgrade to a business account and get a fee static IP.  Cost is the same, pretty much.