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BT Business decides to deactivate Broadband and Phone with no notice for indeterminate period


Why oh why, did I decide to switch to BT Business, the worst decision I could have made.

In October, I got a call from a BT sales person who convinced me that there were savings to be made if I switched from to BT Business from my residential account and I can could also go Full Fibre all for a reduced cost.

Sounded too good to be true, it was!


An Engineer came round shortly after and said that the cutover to full fibre would require digging up the private road I share with my neighbours. I asked around and decided to go ahead as the engineer said it would be no extra cost and it would all be made good. He said BT would get back to me.


Some months passed .. silence from BT. I got a few deliveries, 2 hubs and 2 phones, but when I called I was told they wouldn't work until the phone line was upgraded to full fibre.


Then in December I got a text saying an engineer was coming on 20th December, I texted back saying I couldn't do that date and I received a text saying no problem they would reschedule. I then got a text back saying 25th January. I arranged to be at the premises that day. No one came.


I then checked my bill and realised I had been charged £200 for  a missed appointment and I had also been charged £60 for non return of equipment? There were also some other charges never mentioned in the contract. I rang and after many painful hours got the charges refunded, but still no idea of when the upgrade was going to happen.


On Monday 5th Feb I got an email saying it was urgent I plugged my new Cloud phone in. I tried, it didn't work, which is exactly what I had been told by BT earlier. After many painful hours on the phone both on Monday and on Wednesday 7th I was told the emails were sent in error and nothing would happen until phone line was upgraded. Of course no  one knew when .. what needed to be done, or really anything about it.


Thursday 8th Feb, I'm cut off. No broadband, no phone line. Many hours on the phone to BT Offshore Call Centre and no one can tell me anything. One person says an engineer will come, he doesn't know when, one person says I must wait until 14th February and I will get a callback with more information. One person says I must wait 72 hours and another says I must wait 48 hours.


What kind of service are you running here? 


I would like to switch providers but I'm stuck in a 2 year contract. There is no way to escalate to speak to anyone who knows anything.


Take my advice, don't take BT Business.






I am very sorry about this. Can you privately message me, I can take your business accounts details and assist.


Thank you,