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Replacing BT Smart Hub -> modem suggestions


Hi folks,

I'm trying to replace my BT smart hub as its coverage is pretty patchy in my house. I heard good things about the RT-AC86U but since it's a router I need a modem and looking around the combined price is making it look like I should just bite the bullet and go for the combo modem/router version for another 100 GBP.

My question is, is there a benefit to a separate modem/router setup or should I go for a combi, and if I buy this router what is the best modem that would be compatible with my ISP? I see the DrayTek Vigor mentioned a lot but all the amazon reviews are in German so don't know if I'm looking at the right thing...



There's nothing wrong with the BT Smart Hub!  If the signal does not reach parts of your house, why not buy a range extender or a pair of Powerline plugs?  If you are determined to buy a new router, you can put the Smarthub into Bridge mode where it act as a modem only.  You can then connect a new router to the hub and the new Router will do the wifi business.  Which Smart Hum model do you have?

TP-Link make good Powerline plugs - look on Amazzon.  These use the house wiring to send wifi to anywher you plug in the second Powerline.