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have problems with BT business hub 5 and apple iPad




I have a BT business hub 5 and it works find the only problem I am facing is that when using iPad upstairs find that the iPad has problems finding the router when it does find the router and it conect find that the internet is very slow webpages don't even load up have tried 3 web browsers but get the same problem.


Have re-booted the router, reset my iPad but no good.


Any help would be great.





Hi Apache060


Do you have this issue on other wireless devices or just the iPad? It sounds like it may be a signal issue on the Wi-Fi from your description if it's on all wireless devices.


In that case, I would recommend changing the wireless settings on the router which there is a guide for here.


Also, I would recommend looking into our new Complete Wi-Fi which works to provide full coverage Wi-Fi around your premises. You would get our newest router, the BT Business Smart Hub 2, as well as a Wi-Fi disc to help boost the coverage. If you found a 'blackspot' (an area with no or poor Wi-Fi) and you need more discs, we'll send up to 5 more free of charge. You can get it as an add on or look to get it included in one of our new Halo bundles. 


If you're interested in this, please let me know by private message and we can discuss further.