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Did everyone migrate to the "New" eShop several years ago?

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I've asked BT about the eShop compared to their Web Professsional Hosting pack (which apparently doesn't have online shop functionality) and also the £8 extra for BT Starter Web Hosting that I pay on top of the £40. I've received a response back saying that I don't need the Web Hosting pack if I migrate to the new eShop package (£70 cost to do so). I didn't realise that there was a new eShop package but he said that everyone was asked several years ago if they want to migrate to the new eShop package. This is the first time I've heard about this so wandered if everyone else has heard about it and migrated and saving the £8 extra per month for the Web Hosting pack.

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I've being trying to email, live chat and speak to humans about this and now have a complaint reference number as it seems that I've been paying for the Bt Starter Web Hosting unnessessarily for years. They are not sure what has happened so are going to look into it and get back to me.


Be great if anyone else who has got an eShop can tell me if they were asked serveral years ago to migrate to the new eShop product as its all new to me and I've had it since 2006. The last email that I received from BT about eShop was this one below that I received 15/01/2009, with no mention of migrating to the new eShop product.





Dear BT Web Hosting Customer,

On January 21st, we are re-launching our eShop package, to give you more features and functionality! This email will give you some more information on the changes to your eShop.

Change To How You Access Your Back Office

Currently, to access your administration back office, you log into ‘Your Account’ on and click on the ‘Manage my online shop’ link at the top of the page.

As of January 21st, this ‘Manage my online shop’ link will move to the bottom of the page, in the section ‘Websites and Domain Names’.

So you will need to scroll down the page in order to click on this link to access your administration back office.

New Look Back Office (Administration)

As you are probably already aware, we recently carried out a software upgrade, which changed the layout of the back office. If you would like to find out more about the changes,
click here. This layout will remain the same after the re-launch in January.

NEW Functionality!

After the re-launch, your eShop will include brand new features! More information on how to use these will be available online in our FAQs, including a new user guide which can be downloaded, after the re-launch.

A few of the new features are:

More products – you can now sell up to 2000 products (in 200 categories)!

Forums – great way to interact with your customers and get free customer feedback and insight!

Widgets – you can add widgets to your shop website, such as the weather or a Google map to your business!

Newsletter - send your customers a newsletter informing them of news and special offers!

Activating Your eShop

If you haven’t ever used your BT eShop, here’s how to get going!

  1. Log into using the username and password you received in your welcome email
  2. Click on the ‘Manage my online shop’ link (after the 21st Jan, this will be at the bottom of the page in the ‘Websites and Domain Names’ section)
Also… We’re Launching A NEW Product - BT eShop Elite!

We are also launching a NEW eShop product, called BT eShop Elite, which allows you to sell up to 10,000 products and has even more advanced functionality than BT eShop. It will be £45 per month and will be available to buy from January 21st.

Yours sincerely,

BT Web Hosting Team
The last email that I received from BT Business Hosting Support was this one below.

The eShop package you are on is still the old shop.
The new shop became available several years ago and all eShop customers were contacted at that time and given the opportunity to migrate to the new shop.
An email would have been sent to the contact address we had on file for you at that time.
The eShop product itself does not change just the systems on which it is managed.
The new system allows for the eShop to be provided without the additional hosting pack.