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Will my btclick email address still work after POP3 is discontinued?


Will my email address still work after POP3 is discontinued? I think the last changes to BT changed my address to be an alias for my address but I'm not sure. I never use my btconnect address, always my address. I can currently log into my BT account with the btclick address. Everyone from 20 years of having the btclick address has the address, no one has the btconnect address. Also all  my logins to websites (hundreds of them) are btclick. It will be a disaster if I can no longer use it.



Logins to other websites won't be affected.  The user name could have been anything that looked like an email address.  But you need to update contact details if these websites need to email you.



Ok, yes, logins will work. Why would I need to change contact details for websites to email me? Are you saying my email address won't work in Outlook webmail??

If the btclick emails stop working it won't affect log ins to third party websites but how will they contact you if needed?  



That's what I am asking: quote <kelper> how will they contact you if needed? 


If my address will work with Outlook Web?  I think it will but want/need confirmation, because if it won't then I am facing a nightmare.


Hi pamelapuk


All the POP3 being discontinued means is that you can no longer use a mail client and will now need to log into the emails at Your btclick email address should work via the webmail. 



All the POP3 being suspended means is that you can never again utilize a mail client and will currently have to sign into the messages at Your click email address ought to work by means of the webmail.