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How to restore FoxPro database?

Just ask not to throw... no rush - Yes, I know stupid. FoxPro generally the second time in my life used.

The structure of the database was broken.
There is a database used by the program. I opened the table files with FoxPro. At the same time, when trying to open some tables, a message was displayed that the file could not be opened because of its connection with the database. In the message three buttons: locate, delete, cansel. When you click on the first table and could not open. Since it was necessary to get the data, chose delete. I suspect it removed the link to the table. In General, now when the program has errors such as "Such a table does not belong to the database so-and-so".

This database stores the results of a two-week work of the whole Department. There is no backup available.
There is a similar base, i.e. the structure is saved. It is urgent to restore the database.

As I understand it, you either need to include the tables in the database, or the links have been removed and they have to be restored - for this you will need to look at the structure of the database copy. How can this be done?
Help, please!

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Re: How to restore FoxPro database?

Hi extremmum


This is not something I am too familiar with on my end - but hopefully someone on our forum will have the expertise to assist you with this! I will also reach out to a few people on my end to see if anyone has an answer for you.




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Re: How to restore FoxPro database?

It is not necessary to rebuild a corrupt database. All corrupt databases can fixed in less than one minute. The solution is : Open database to main screen Copy the database but only one record(just pick a not recent record number at random; include "all", I usually name this database "FixMMDD" (( month Day)) Open original database to mainscreen and append the FIXMMDD.dbf. You're done. Occassionally you may have to update indexes. Very rarely are any records lost and when it happens those few records are clearly garbled. I've been doing this for three years with no problems. If you have fields that increment you'll have to adjust that for your last valid value. or you can try to use dbf repair

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