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Disconnecting someone off my BT landline.


A family member is using landline phone constantly incoming and outgoing.


Is there a way to use computer or code on another handset to disconnect them without knowing it was me.


I dont want to block incoming or outgoing calls and simply asking them makes no difference.


Just want a way to disconnect the active call. Picking up other handset and pressing hangup obviously does nothing since it is in use on the other handset.


Is there something I can do to get the call to drop other than pulling out the master cable.


As said is there an engineer code to dial or perhaps something from a PC...





Hi there, My brand new Google home mini keeps kicking itself off of Bluetooth connectivity to my iPhone. I’ve checked my phone and it maintains BT connection with all my other devices. All I want is to stream Google music while doing homework pls help. Thank you.


Hi JWhite001, 


So is the Google home mini losing connection to the BT business Smarthub, or is it the connection between The Google hub mini and your phone that is dropping? 


How to improve your business wi-fi | BT Business (


The link above may help with the wifi from the BT Business Smarthub but if the communication between devices is the issue then I can try and help. If you try the link above first, then come back here if it doesn't improve your connection. 


I hope this helps,