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landline cannot receive the calling made from Three mobile network only


We switched on 18th July from XLN  to BT for landline and broadband, since then we have had seven engineers at our property, countless calls and faulty cases and complaints have been opened. Until today, this problem is still not sorted .

The landline can dial out both mobile or landline, can receive the calling from landline and mobile network but cannot receive calls from mobile phones with Three mobile network.

Last week we received an email from XLN it said the transfer is still showing as pending on XLN system so BT needs to take the line as the order has passed its commitment date. Whenever we contact BT customer service, they set up appointments for an engineer to look at the problem but they have always stated that there wasn't a problem. What should we do?





Can you contact me directly and I can take your business account details and assist with this.


Thank you




Hi. We have an identical story to your own. We are 10 days in and 90% of our incoming calls are not coming in. Clients are complaining.


Apparently, XLN need a Line Transfer request from BT before they will release the line and the telephone number. Without that, the line will remain virtually ineffective and XLN will retain the right to charge you for managing the line. I know this is correct because they can still quote the attempted calls coming in to my business today. BT are either unwilling or incapable of issuing this Request to XLN. The only way around it is to have new number supplied which as a business, is a non starter. I have a Complaint raised with BT in an effort to get the matter resolved but each day I see my business levels decrease to the point I have only 10% of the bookings I normally have.




Being in an identical position to yourself, I have taken the step to get legal advice..


I am writing to BT head office setting out my claim for losses under the. Sales of Goods Act. This will include consequential loss mounting up at £1000 / day. I will set out what I want and by when. If BT don’t comply by the deadline I have set, I bpcan take the matter to ADR for resolution. No solicitors and no barristers.I have kept all my emails and notes of fault reporting and complaints.