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BTConnect email addresses and how to access your email


There's been a number of posts on here asking about the future of BTConnect email addresses. Just to confirm - there's currently no plans to remove BTConnect email addresses, the only change is that basic authentication has been replaced by modern authentication so you will need to log in via webmail to access your emails now. You can find out more here in our FAQs. 


How can I access my mailbox?

You can access your mailbox:

  • At (this is browser-based access).
  • Via, My Account (which links to
  • Using the Outlook Application on mobile devices.

I don't know my password

The username and password used to access your mailbox are the same as you use to login in to My Account.

Find out how to recover your login details.   


Beth. I like many have just been given two week's notice of the disconnection of the POP3 service. I have been a business customer since the 1990s. Suddenly you are forcing my work to stop abruptly.  I rely on the integration provided by Office applications. I have a structured library of email content on which I rely.


Now you are throwing everyone into chaos.


Is this how one of the UK's largest ISPs goes about its business?


The password for accessing email is not always the same as the one used to access My Account.  I have just verified that mine are different.


A couple of days ago we moved to BT Cloudworks. Immediately we were locked out of our BTConnect business email account. My boss contacted the person managing the transfer and she said BT connect was very old and no longer supported and that we had just lost it all - this does not sound very good - we weren't warned about it in advance and have lost a lot of contacts and information in the emails, as well as a means for our customers to contact us. I can't believe everthing has gone from the server. I checked with microsoft as we accessed the account through outlook, but we are locked out of the account and the microsoft assistant said it was at the BT server end of things. I can't believe they would treat longstanding customers in this way. Plus - it wasn't our choice to move to Cloudworks - BT insisted. I tried to log in via My BT but that didn't work. Can't see how to get started with outlook on the we even have an email account left I wonder?

Go to  It will redirect to

Log in with your btconnect email address and password NOT your Microsoft account.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Just trying that - whatever I try I get a microsoft account sign in pop up. If I try the account email and password I get 


This used to get us into BT Connect on Outlook.

If I try the BT email and password I get 


I contacted microsoft yesterday and they checked the account and said there was a problem with the BT server. 

BT seems to have removed our email account when we moved to Cloudworks.  without warning us this would happen  - very detrimental to a small business.

The screenshots you posted can't be seen until or if approved by a moderator.  Can you write the actual message?


Your account has been locked. Contact your support person to unlock it then try again.


Your account or password is incorrect. If you don't remember your password, reset it now.

I can't thinnk of anything more to suggest.  I hope a moderator will be in touch soon


Thank you for taking the time to try to help.