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Frequently asked questions - Phone lines

How do I do proper telephone line checks? Checking the wiring if you’re having issues with your phone can often solve, or help pinpoint the issue. Here’s a link to a help article on how to check your internal phone wiring.   How do I divert calls? Wi...

BethM by Administrator
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Problems with your BT landline?

If you have problems with your BT phoneline, there are a few checks that we recommend you carry out before calling us. These checks can help you resolve your issue, or at the very least help you eliminate any internal wiring problems that could be im...

Cloud Voice Express Mobile App

HelloI have set up my desk Cisco Phone no problem but need to make and receive business calls on my mobile when I am not in the office.I downloaded the app some time ago before CVE was ready - The number is there but there is a red strap line at the ...

Tanny by Member
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My line and broadband been ceased and BT still not sorted it

We’ve not had a phone line and broadband for 13 days. Someone moved into our road and got his new address wrong, using our business address. BT informed us and it said ‘if you haven’t requested to leave BT business, ring us and we’ll sort it in two d...

gbc07 by Member
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When is enough...enough?

How's this for starters:Landline - Current Service IssueWe're sorry about the problem - we're working on fixing it.Reported: Fri 04/11/2022 at 11:16Estimated fix time: Mon 19/12/2022 at 12:32 Yep, that's 1.5 months without service. We have 4 numbers,...

GT123 by Member
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1571 doesn't stutter when I receive a message

Hi,My Business Line doesn't notify me when a message is left on 1571. The line doesn't stutter, and there's no other indication that a message has been left.Any advice on how to sort this gratefully received.Thanks,Michael

Buying new business number

Hi,I'm aware many companies sell local 01 phone business numbers. However choice is limited. Is there any way BT can supply a local 01 business telephone number? I see you sell 033 and other premium numbers, but do not appear to sell local phone numb...

is there a way to cancel call features on VOIP?

Hi, Hopefully I don't get kicked out! I'm not a BT subscriber but I am trying to use a BT TrueCall phone with my Vodafone digital line. If I make a call to a mobile that doesn't have voicemail turned on, if they reject the call my phone will repeated...

prs1000 by Member
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