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Frequently asked questions - Billing


How do I set up your new BT account?

You can only register an account online for phone lines, broadband and if you have a OneBill (account number starting with a VP). Here’s a guide for how to register for a BT Business account.


How do I access my bill?

With online billing, you can download and print copies of your bills, set-up or change a Direct Debit, switch to paper-free billing, analyse your charges and more. Here’s a guide on viewing your bill online.


How do I pay online?

You can pay your BT Business bill several different ways, including online through your account or via the BT Business app. Here’s a guide on paying your BT business bill.


How do I get a copy of my bill?

By setting up a BT Business account online, you’ll get access to your bills and you can download PDFs directly. Here’s a guide for getting a copy of your bill.


What is this charge on my bill?

If you're unsure on how to read your bill, here's a guide on what each charges means.