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Frequently asked questions - Phone systems

How do I log into the cloud phone app? Here’s a link to the guide for logging to the BT Cloud Work Mobile App, here’s how to access the BT Cloud Voice portal, here’s how to access the BT Cloud Voice Express app and here’s how to access the BT One Pho...

BethM by Administrator
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Hosted Voice and Broadband Voice migration

Hi All,   If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions relating to your Broadband Voice or Hosted Voice Product or your move to another BT service as a result of the closure of these products, please contact the following  numbers where...

markp by Grand Guru
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hand set issues

Hi, a little help needed. When a call comes in my handset cuts it off immediately and the caller hears the engaged tone. any ideas how I rectify this please? 

Miss sold business contract

To say to say I am disappointed in BT's behavior is an understatement. We were contacted by your sales team to upgrade our package and we were told that if we did not upgrade our package we would no longer have a phone line because you were turning a...

BT Handset Issues

 Hi,  I am a BT Business customer and after some issues with patchy audio we have recently switched to the 'BT Premium Cordless Telephone & Answering Machine - Triple' handsets.  Since using these handsets we have had continued issues. We even called...

Internal call transfer Cloud Voice Express

I bought a Cisco desk phone (6861) to go with the Yealink cordless (W73P).   I've also installed the App on my phone, so I can receive calls when not in the office.  If I answer a call on the Cisco desk phone, can I transfer it to the Yealink cordles...

Drew_H by Member
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Data only line additional compatible handsets

I was recently switched to data only line and BT gave me a Yealink W73P (W70B base and W73H handset).  I find the handset a little on the small side.  I bought another brand DECT phone, but it wouldn't work.  It registered and rang, but wouldn't answ...

Drew_H by Member
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Resolved! Cloud Voice without having physical premises

We have been on BTCloudVoice for a couple of years using it both in a physical office and remote locations.We have recently closed our physical office and are working from remote locations exclusively.Our business broadband and associated landline ar...

MBrown by Member
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W60B factory reset and default login

Hi We have a W60B bade and the W56H handset and unfortunately a phone needed replacing, so ordered a new one. I went to try and log in to the online portal in order to transfer the phonebook to the handset, however the login credentials were now inva...

carsey by Member
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VOIP - Blank Commmunication internals call

Hello,We have a BT Cloud VOIP phone system with DECT and yealink landline phone :- From DECT or Yealink, calls work from outside to inside and inside to outside.- From DECT to Yealink  or Yealink to DECT, calls work from internal to internal. (Via sh...

flld by Member
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