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Frequently asked questions - Phone lines

How do I do proper telephone line checks? Checking the wiring if you’re having issues with your phone can often solve, or help pinpoint the issue. Here’s a link to a help article on how to check your internal phone wiring.   How do I divert calls? Wi...

BethM by Administrator
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Problems with your BT landline?

If you have problems with your BT phoneline, there are a few checks that we recommend you carry out before calling us. These checks can help you resolve your issue, or at the very least help you eliminate any internal wiring problems that could be im...

trying to use an analogue phone on Business BT

Hi We are a small charity radio station and cannot afford to change our phone systems to digital.  we have got a Cisco ATA 192 ( because we couldnt get an anwer out of anyone at BT as to could we use the BT and EE Digital Voice Adapter for about £20 ...

Number Porting

Hi, Can anyone help advise or have a contact of who can help me with porting my number. I signed over to BT several weeks ago and have already paid my first bill and my number still hasn't been ported over. I keep getting messages saying its failed, ...

JenV by Member
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Porting house number to other business location

Hello,Slightly unusual situation but we are looking to keep our landline number which has become associated with our business since day 1 - Now as the business has grown bigger we need to move this number to another physical location where the busine...

The great PSTN switch off next year

If I buy an analogue telephone adapter to keep on using my DECT cordless phone, will I need to pay for a VOIP number?Will my internet work in a blackout if I power the router by battery, as I do currently?Alternatively, which VOIP, cordless phones wi...

kelper by Guru
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Cloud Voice Express Base Station

At our business, we have two adjacent units, each with separate BT Broadband accounts. Both units utilize Yealink base stations for cloud voice services. The phones connected to these base stations are all located in the first unit, alongside one of ...

slinen by Member
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New connection to an office cabin

Hi there, we rent a yard and have just setup an office cabin at the site boundary. A BT line runs about 2metre away from the cabin and there is a pole about 6metres away. we want to get a permanent line rather than using a mobile internet connection....