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Frequently asked questions - Broadband

How do I do wiring checks? If you’re having trouble with your broadband, we recommend doing some simple wiring checks to find out what’s causing the issue. The checks differ slightly depending on what socket you have. Here’s a link to the guide for d...

BethM by Administrator
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The new way to test your service

If you’d like to test your fibre broadband service without having to call us, we now have a new text service which can run tests without all the hassle - text Fault followed by your broadband telephone number to 60148. Your mobile will need to be reg...

BethM by Administrator
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BT Guest WiFi via Discs

I have recently got BT Business Broadband and have the BT Business Smart Hub. I also have several Wi-Fi Discs, as it was my intention to use the BT Guest Free WiFi around the building to allow visitors to connect. I have a good setup working with the...

Nick_HF by Member
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FTTP Static IP

Hi all, Looking for some information on FTTP with a static IP. I cuurently have adsl2 into my property and to get the static IP I have to put the smart hub into bridge mode and this then passes the IP across to my 3rd party router. I'm due to have FT...

Lease Line Install Delays

Lease Line Install issuesHas anyone else had issues with extremely long delays on a lease line install? I placed an order for a lease line in August 2109 and it is still to be completed. As much as I have an open complaint with BT, I cannot see any p...

Problems with constant dropping connection during livestream

I recently had BT Business Broadband installed in our church for the purpose of livstreaming services. The line speed test indicates an upload speed of circa 45 mbs and Download circa 6mbs, but when we try to livstream to facebook within about 5 minu...

4G Assure connection to router

Dongle is attached as per instructions to a BT Business hub - BUT it shows as "Not connected" and no signal bars . . . . any idea why?Everything else seems to work . . . .

rob-SMR by Member
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These ip settings are not valid on the BT Business smart hub

Hi,  I am trying to setup up my new Business Smart Hub 2 to ip address and it wont let me. I get this error "These ip settings are not valid on the BT Business smart hub" has anyone come across this and is there a fix for it. Many Thanks J...

Business Smart Hub access control keeps switching off

I am really pleased with the Business Smart Hub. In particular, the wifi is solid. However, the one thing that doesn't seem to work properly is access control. I have it set up to remove access overnight until the next day, but it keeps switching off...

KevinW by Member
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BT Hybrid Connect

Looking at BT broadband with the Hybrid Connect 4G backup. Question relates to what happens to a static IP address when the landline drops & the 4G connection kicks in - does the static IP address get assigned to the 4G connection to allow services t...

Windstream Fixed Wireless - Does it use a modem?

I have not used fixed wireless service before and they are suppose to be installing it this week. They are sending out a rental modem for my install this week. I had fiber in my prior house and the fiber was just a ethernet cable I plugged into my ro...

Replace BT Business Smarthub

I need VPN access and the new BT SMarthub does not have this apart from portforwarding to a server which I dont want to do. Has anyone replaced the BT hub with another modem (TP-link, Draytek etc) which has native VPN in the firmware? If so, can the ...