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Unable to log in to BTCONNECT webmail

We have  been on the phone to Customer Services now for two sessions of over 2 hours eac, all to no effect. The problem, is that The BTconnect address was kept when BT  migrated the account over from business to domestic. This means that  it is not p...

Domain and webhosting

I have both web hosting and domain with Bt.I need to move my web hosting to another provider as need web services that by does not offer. I have been on a web chat today and the agent wasn’t able to help. I am not very clued up with how this all link...

Dahnsc by Member
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Accessing @btconnect email via webmail

Have had a small number of btconnect email addresses for over 20 years. (3 address)I receive & send fine from my email client. However, as this is a POP3 service I need occasionally to access via webmail to delete the stored mail from the server.I do...

Missing domain names

About 10 years ago, I registered two domain names with BT. One (.com), has been pointed at my externally hosted website for most of that time. This week, my hosting company was bought out, and they transfered the sites to a new server, meaning I need...

Mail attachments

I've just realised that i don't receive mails sent to my mailbox if they contain attachments.  Looking back through my emails, it seems this has been the case for some time, but as i have several other email addresses that I use (where ...

Already registered microsoft account

Hello, I have moved my domain to an alternate provider and i find that my email address has already been registered with microsoft via BT previously (presumably they handle your email or something?)  How do i un-register that email address with micro...