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Frequently asked questions - Broadband

How do I do wiring checks? If you’re having trouble with your broadband, we recommend doing some simple wiring checks to find out what’s causing the issue. The checks differ slightly depending on what socket you have. Here’s a link to the guide for d...

BethM by Administrator
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The new way to test your service

If you’d like to test your fibre broadband service without having to call us, we now have a new text service which can run tests without all the hassle - text Fault followed by your broadband telephone number to 60148. Your mobile will need to be reg...

BethM by Administrator
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Diagnosing faults

What number do I dial to receive a diagnostic test as an SMS text?It used to be easy to find, but since the help was migrated I have spent hours looking for this.I tried the web diagnostics but my broadband speed was only 10kbps and the page was unre...

kelper by Guru
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Questions About BT Wifi

I don't have internet access in my flat at the moment, and I'm considering purchasing a month of BT Wifi access. It's £40, which I'm not thrilled about, but I'm finding it increasingly aggravating to have to duck into a café if I want to have interne...

BT Smart Hub DDNS service support

We have just switched to BT Busiess Internet and I need to setup DDNS. We have a BT Smart Hub 2. It does not support either of the services that we use: Dynu and DNS-o-matic. Any ideas how to ask BT to add new DDNS service providers?

Smart hub 3 WIFI disc 2

Hello, I’m a new BT business broadband customer. I have tried to contact the BT sales team to enquire whether I could purchase a WiFi disc 2 that would be compatible with my new smart hub 3. I was told that this is not available to purchase separatel...

Paulyp by Member
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BT broadband with 3rd party router

For all my fellow community members from the UK with BT broadband, I have a couple of questions. As I’m sure most of you will already be aware, the BT Smart Hub 2 isn’t as great as it’s made out to be. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi 6 and the speed drop off w...

Static IP Address

Hi, We've started using our own router since moving over to fibre recently, and we've been given PPPoE connection details (via phone support) and all is working. However, every time we need to restart the router our IP address changes. What do we nee...

fanatic by Member
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Uk bt broadband "master" socket

 Hello. I hope this is the correct forum for my question. I recently got bt broadband for a new house (not new built just new to me) and the router says to plug into a master socket. The issue is I do not have one. I have explored every inch of the p...